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OpenBrainstem is Intelligent Open Source Software Engineering. The goal of OpenBrainstem (and of our websites) is to support the development of open source software built the "right way".

Our logo artwork was created by:

Taylor Hinton (801) 815-0192

What is the OpenBrainstem Wiki For?

This wiki is used for documentation of OpenBrainstem projects.

Though the primary purpose of the wiki is for project documentation (user, administration, API, etc.), I expect Members to post engineering docs, database & UML diagrams, flowcharts and other useful information involved in the design of OpenBrainstem projects.

What the OpenBrainstem Wiki is Not

This wiki should not be used for any of these purposes (links lead to OpenBrainstem websites which provide them):


The OpenBrainstem wiki was started by Peregrine @ 12:52 pm, 11 November 2005 (MST).

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